This “REZERVİN” RESERVATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM TERMS OF USE AND NON-DISCLOSURE POLICY (“REZERVİN Terms of Use”) determines the Services to be provided to the members of REZERVİN RESERVATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (“REZERVİN” and/or “PROGRAM”), owned by Doğuş Müşteri Sistemleri A.Ş. (DMS), by means of the relevant Program, the terms applicable for benefiting from the Services and the relevant non-disclosure conditions.


“PROGRAM” refers to the Program to be used by means of the website and/or mobile application offering the opportunity to view the restaurants included in the system, make reservations, cancel reservations, alter reservations, view the previous reservations, add special days to the calendar available in member profile, have access to the information provided by the restaurants included in the system and benefit from special advantages provided to members by restaurants via telephone (call centre) and similar digital media through the applications available on the internet or mobile phones and similar platforms,

RESERVATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (REZERVİN) refers to the online reservation system designed for providing the services indicated in the Program to MEMBERS by DMS and the trademark pertaining to it,

“RESERVATION” refers to reservation to be made by MEMBERS by using REZERVİN infrastructure before going to the Restaurant,

“MEMBER(S)” refers to the real person making registration to the Program by approving REZERVİN Terms of Use specified herein and using the Reservation Channels,

“RESTAURANT” refers to the legal entity and restaurants signing a “Restaurant Agreement” with DMS so as to provide services to MEMBERS,

“SITE” refers to the web/mobile site and mobile application as well as the interface used for having online access to the information related to the Program,

“SERVICES” refers to the services to be provided by DMS or restaurants for the benefit of MEMBERS under REZERVİN,

“RESERVATION CHANNELS” refers to the reservation made via

  1. REZERVİN website
  2. REZERVİN mobile application
  3. REZERVİN call centre
  4. Websites and applications contracted by REZERVİN by using REZERVİN reservation interface (Rezervin marketing network)
  5. REZERVİN reservation interface available on Restaurant websites or mobile applications.

By registering REZERVİN, MEMBERS agree, represent and warrant that they have read this REZERVİN Terms of Use completely, they understand and acknowledge all the conditions available herein and they shall comply with all kinds of statements related to REZERVİN membership and Services.

As the methods specified under REZERVİN are used, your personal and shopping information shall be transmitted to the Program as part of the system. In order for enabling you to benefit from and remain informed of the advantages provided to MEMBERS by RESTAURANTS, it is obligatory to transmit your personal information from RESTAURANTS to the Program and process the information accordingly. MEMBERS agree, represent and warrant that they consent to the transmission of their information.

RESTAURANTS available in REZERVİN may change from time to time. Please visit www.rezervin.com for the most up-to-date list of RESTAURANTS.

The Program may undergo a number of modifications and a new model with a different name might be adopted to provide different advantages. In such cases, memberships shall be converted into the new model automatically.


  1. “rezervin.com” website and/or mobile application or other Reservation Channels might be used for becoming MEMBER to “REZERVİN” system.
  2. MEMBERS agree, represent and warrant that they shall not disclose or make available their user name and/or password to third parties, they shall be responsible for safeguarding the user name and password and they shall be deprived of all their rights and entitlements if it is revealed that the mobile phone is has been misused by the MEMBER or a third party and the Program is abused in any manner.
  3. MEMBERS agree that they shall be responsible for determining, safeguarding and keeping the means used for having access to the system (user name, password etc.) in order to benefit from the Services provided through the Program and DMS shall not have any responsibility, directly or indirectly, for any losses incurred or to be incurred by the relevant MEMBER and/or third parties owing to the negligence and failure of the MEMBER in that regard.
  4. DMS may change the terms of the Program or suspend the Program.
  5. MEMBERSHIP may not be sold for money and cash payment may not be demanded in consideration for MEMBERSHIP.
  6. MEMBERS agree, represent and warrant that they are of legal age and entitled to purchase the services that are sold hereunder.
  7. Under the Program, REZERVİN may introduce a number of new practices such as grading or loyalty programme. REZERVİN shall have discretion to determine the contents and terms of those practices.
  8. REZERVİN or MEMBERS may terminate the membership any time without any cause by informing the Call Centre 3 business days in advance. In that case, the membership shall be terminated within 3 business days. MEMBERS may benefit from their entitlements subject to the conditions that are validly binding until the termination of the membership.


With regard to using the Program, MEMBERS agree, represent and warrant that



“REZERVİN” requests MEMBERS to provide some personal details (name, surname, date of birth, GSM number, e-mail address etc.) so as to offer better services and pursuant to its legal obligation. Those details shall be kept safely for providing you benefits of REZERVİN without being used for any purpose and scope other than those specified under the Non-Disclosure Policy.

Provision of Information and Burden of Proof

Your information, reservation details, comments/assessments etc. registered in the system shall be maintained in the system for three (3) years after the termination of the membership subject to the Non-Disclosure Policy specified herein. The data and user entries maintained in the Program shall constitute binding and conclusive evidence in case of any dispute arising from performance of the REZERVİN Terms of Use.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The REZERVİN Terms of Use shall be subject to Turkish laws. All kinds of disputes arising from performance of the REZERVİN Terms of Use shall be referred to Istanbul Central (Çağlayan) Courts and Execution Offices.


The REZERVİN Terms of Use shall enter into force for an indefinite period as from registration for membership.